Festivities of the Verge Pobra in Xaló

Tradition, devotion and fun fill Xaló in October
Festivities of the  Verge  Pobra in Xaló
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  • Dates::
    • Starts: 19/10/2018
    • Ends: 23/10/2018

Xaló celebrates the festivities in honor of its patron saint "La Verge Pobra" from October 19 to 23, with a multitude of activities that the virgin mayorales organize (Dances, ascent to Benibrahim) and that culminate on the 22nd with the Day dedicated to the Verge

The Programmes  and the tickets for the cocá, the paella and the botifarrá can be picked up on Wednesday 10 and on Thursday 11 from 11 to 13 and from 19 to 21 at the City Hall

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