El Alto Palancia

El Alto Palancia
The river Palancia, fed by numerous tributaries and springs, waters the fertile orchards of the district, snaking briskly through mountain gorges and slowing down to feed quiet pools hidden in the soft foliage provided by poplars, aspens and willows on its banks as it journeys down to the sea. The sierras of  Espadán, Calderona, Espina and Javalambre form the natural frontier of the district, surrounding a river valley which has served as the major link between the region of Aragón and the Mediterranean for centuries untold.
Route: From Barracas to Sot de Ferrer, visiting El Toro, Pina de Montalgrao, Bejís, Sacañet, Viver, Jérica, Higueras, Caudiel, Algimia de Almonacid, Vall de Almonacid, Almedíjar, Azuébar, Chóvar, Navajas, Altura, Segorbe, Castellnovo, Geldo or Soneja.
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